Receivers Complain, Schott Happens, What Else is New for the Jets?

Receivers Complain, Schott Happens, What Else is New for the Jets?

Ok so I wake up this morning to news that some players are quite upset over the play calling and met with Rex privately to talk about Brian Schottenheimer’s play calling.  Does it surprise me that one of the players complaining is a Wide Receiver.  NO.  Does it surprise me that one of the players is Santonio Holmes.  NO.

The Daily News has learned that wide receivers Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason have individually gone to Rex Ryan in the past few weeks to question offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer’s system.

Gang Green, losers of two straight entering today’s game against the Patriots, ranks near the bottom of the league in total offense (25th) and rushing offense (30th).

Despite the fact that the Jets have been pass-heavy during the first month – they’ve thrown it 62% of the time – the receivers clearly aren’t happy with the offense. Their decision to meet with Ryan at different points in the past month is a clear indictment of the offensive philosophy.

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So is it really the play calling that is the problem or the execution?

  • Fact:  The Jets are more pass happy than they have ever been throwing 62% of the time.
  • Fact:  Mark has no time to get the ball out to the play makers (the guys that went to Rex – Derrick Mason, Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes).
  • Fact:  The rush game is non-existent and defenses know that they can’t run so they will stuff the box until they can prove otherwise.
  • Fact:  The offensive line with injuries and the depth to fill in is poor.  This is putting pressure on Mark to check down to running backs and tight ends.

“Obviously, there’s things that have to change,” Mason said after the game. “There’s some cracks. And don’t nobody really want to identify the cracks. Until we identify the cracks, we’re going to keep having the same problems. Whenever somebody wants to seal up the cracks, then we’ll continue to move forward as an offense.”

Plax one of the Players to Talk with Rex

So what is going to Rex to complain about going to do?  Are the players really complaining about the team throwing the ball more?

I’m sure Mark would love nothing to sit in the pocket for 4-6 seconds to get the ball deep on a post, or a sideline pass but again with all the facts above, the chances of that are slim to none until you get the pressure off of Mark.

I think the players complaining know the importance of the run game and their complaints are not about getting the ball individually, but changing the offense philosophy as a whole to open up the game.