Rex Pulls a Page out of the Bill Parcells Book at Practice

Rex Pulls a Page out of the Bill Parcells Book at Practice

Mark has been criticized recently for playing bad under pressure.  To try to get the ball out of Sanchez’s hands faster, Rex pulled a page out of the Ole’ Bill Parcells book.

The Jets used a buzzer to help Mark with Tempo and to help him get the ball out faster.  You would think that a guy like Mark playing in his third year wouldn’t need something like this, but I believe it’s for the entire team.  I read somewhere that Mark is getting hit in 2.SOMETHING seconds.  That is NOT a lot of time even for a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

Whatever helps the Jets get ready, do it.  I’m not going to question how the team gets ready for games.

JennyVrentas Jets used in practice a buzzer to help QB get rid of football faster and WRs run routes quickly. An old Bill Parcells idea. #nyj 10/7/11 1:40 PM
rodboone Want to know what contributed to the #Jets crisp practice yesterday? #Jets had a shot clock type buzzer going on to help with tempo. 10/7/11 1:43 PM
rodboone Rex said it was something Bill Parcells used to do. 10/7/11 1:44 PM


  • Erik Manassy

    Does the number one running game of 2009 take a hit now that TJ is gone? Love to hear your thoughts on the blog.

  • Jim

    Not suprised by it, I’m sure they have a plan, but like you said we already know it works well with these 3 guys. I’ll wait until after the draft, free agency before I panic! If TJ was younger I’d be more upset about it.

    • Erik Manassy

      Yeah, I don’t blame TJ for not wanted to restructure. The guy went through hell by us running him into the ground. He deserves every penny.

  • Why are they doing this

    What are they doing Eric.? Argh why dont the jets just resign freeman mcneail and put him to use since they let great players who have stuff left in the tank go allot these days. Doyle

    • Erik Manassy

      LOL. I love Freeman, put him in!

  • MRod

    First, I HAVE to thank Jones for playing his heart out for the Jets. I will never question his desire to win. Throughout the entire year, Jones showed very little ability to break tackles in close quarters. His numbers were great because of the VERY consistent play from the o-line. Shonn shows much more promise because he keeps his feet moving through arm tackles to get the extra yard when Jones tended to accept the contact. I mean no disrespect to Jones, but it’s how I’ve seen him play since his Chicago days…except he’s not as quick as he was back then or even a year ago. That said, Jets NEED Washington! I understand them trying to work the system to spend less on him because of the risk involved with a leg injury on a RUNNING back and trying to save a bit of money, but they’re playing with fire.

    Can Shonn carry a full load? Who knows, but a Leon/Shonn backfield has more speed, agility, and youth, which equals a dynamic running corps that can really take advantage of the holes our o-line creates…Big or small.

    • Erik Manassy

      Injuries will always be an issue and teams should always have depth! Sign Leon!