Holmes and Sanchez in a Middle of a Rift?

Holmes and Sanchez in a Middle of a Rift?

In case you missed it, Santonio Holmes threw some of his players under the bus.  Some reporters claim it wasn’t malicious,  but regardless the rule of thumb usually is to air out your dirty laundry behind closed doors.

“It starts up front with our big guys, they need to do a better job protecting Mark, and Mark has to do a better job making his reads and getting the ball to playmakers,” Holmes said.

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Mark Sanchez
“I think our player policy is to just kind of keep things in house,” Sanchez said. “That kind of stuff won’t happen. “Moving forward, that won’t happen. We’ve talked about it. Those individual improvements and stuff that happens on a personal level. . . . That kind of stuff doesn’t go past this locker room.”
Mark Sanchez On Santiono Holmes Speaking out (or THROWING PLAYERS UNDER THE BUS)

Guess who got nailed for being right AGAIN?  Joe Namath.  Joe called in to the Michael Kay show Monday and spoke about his displeasure of Holmes throwing the QB and the O-Line under the bus.  Many were telling Joe to KEEP OUT, but the guys right time after time.

My opinion?  Holmes, SHHHHHHHHH.  You are stating the obvious that the fans, media and Joe Namath know about.  Mark and the O-line need work and it’s one thing for it to come out of our mouths, it’s another for you to say something.  It comes across that you are complaining, and the most important, throwing your boys under the bus.  You have a right to say that, but do what Mark suggests, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.