My Thoughts (@e_man) on the Jets Ravens Blowout

My Thoughts (@e_man) on the Jets Ravens Blowout

Normally after a Jets loss you can point to one play or one player that may have turned the game around to cause a loss.  The Ravens game last night, there are just way too many players to name but instead of saying one guy was to blame, I’ll say that a complete squad bit the big one.  The Offensive Line.

One thing I keep hearing from Jets fans on twitter, message boards, radio shows etc are the typical gripes that have been going on for a while and I can say that the FOLLOWING are NOT the main reasons we lost:

  • Brian Shottenheimer – I don’t care if he called the greatest plays, if you can’t block the defenders and give Mark more time, it doesn’t matter what you call.
damienwoody I know ppl been talking about playcalling but it stil

l comes to some fundamentals…blocking & tackling,

which they’re not doing well right now 10/3/11 8:37 AM

  • Nick Folk – The guy can be perfect (which he is all season) and he kicks one ball out of bounds and people say he sucks.
  • Mark Sanchez – I know, you are going WHAT?  I would say 80% of Mark’s play was decent considering how his line was protecting him.  We were playing the Ravens (one of the best D’s in the league) and they had a field day.  Mark was not the reason the Jets lost.
  • The Defense – They fixed their problems from last week but with no O, there is no W.
santonio10 Win as a TEAM, Lose as a TEAM! Point no FINGERS! 10/3/11 3:24 AM

I agree with Santonio that the Jets should not point fingers, but that won’t stop me from writing about the things that CONCERN me greatly.

The Offensive Line

The Jets Biggest Hole is the O-Line

This unit clearly is the pink elephant in the room.  Yes, it doesn’t help that an injury took out the best center in football and I’m going to give the Rookie, Baxter a pass.  He is an un-drafted rookie and was thrown into a unit that wasn’t good to begin with.  To blame this loss on him is just absolutely silly.  I commend the Jets for trying to make an adjustment by pulling Baxter and moving Slauson at center, but it wasn’t 64′s fault on one of those snaps.  The ball hit Mark right in the hands and he dropped it.

When Slauson came in at center, they shifted Vlad Ducasse into his spot.  This guy scares me.  He lets guys blow by him and he’s going to get Sanchez killed.  However; when Nick was playing Hunter and Ferguson were letting pressures on Mark.  What used to be one of those most dominant units in football and a strength for the Jets is now the major liablity.

Mark Sanchez

Sanchez is constantly under pressure

Some fans will put all the blame on the QB and say that he made big mistakes.  He did BUT he was rattled because he has no time to do anything.  He has two seconds and someone is in his face.  If you put most QB’s in that situation you will get the same result.  Things I do blame Mark for:  mishandling the snaps with Baxter, the Interception to Ed Reed.

At one point the camera showed a close up of Mark’s face and it looked like he wanted out of the game.  His expression said to me, he was done for the night.  As I stated below, I’m concerned that Mark won’t be able to make it to the next level of his career because of the offensive line woes.

Diamonds in the Rough

McKnight Needs a Bigger Role with the O

Aaron Maybin recording his first sack of his career was one minor diamond in a sea of crap.  I knew the guy had a motor, but man he was relentless.  I imagine that when he gets to practice more, he’ll play more.  Remember, he was just signed this week.

Joe McKnight.  What can you say.  He returns the longest scoring play in Jets history with a 107 kick return and then they put him in as a corner back and caused Joe Flacco to throw an interception.  Can we please play him on offense.  There should be a Joe McKnight package.  Also, if this continues with Shonn Greene, I’d say let’s give Joe a shot as the featured back or at least more playing time.