Plaxico Burress Helps Pack 100K Meals to Combat Hunger in Africa

Plaxico Burress Helps Pack 100K Meals to Combat Hunger in Africa
BruceBeck4NY Great job by @plaxico with @hhafonline – helping to pack 100,000 meals 2 combat hunger in Africa! 10/1/11 1:00 PM
plaxico Help me and HHAF tomorrow at Pier 36 pack meals and ship to Ghana. Responding to the crisis in the horn of Africa. Get involoved! 9/30/11 6:25 PM
plaxico I will be at Pier 36 to lend a helping hand. Go to to learn more. Help us to make a difference! 9/30/11 6:27 PM

Plax Lending a Helping Hand

Read More – The second most populous continent after Asia, Africa is home to one billion people; that is 14% of the human population. A significant portion of this sustainable population is in dire need of quality healthcare. HHAF aims to address this issue through a focused initiative in Ghana — a small nation in West Africa that is home to 24,233,431 individuals. Referred to locally as “the eye of Africa,” Ghana is an ideal location for our work because it serves as a model for surrounding nations. It’s political and economic stability, low crime rate, and wide use of English render it a land of opportunity for those seeking employment and a safe haven for those seeking refuge from war and poverty. Despite its relatively advanced state of development compared to other african nations, Ghana’s healthcare system remains inadequate. Accessibility and affordability are major issues. The fact that there are 15 physicians and 93 nurses per 100,000 people compounds common occurrences of malnutrition and disease. Attuned to these circumstances, we at HHAF are dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare in Ghana by offering services ranging from surgeries to the provision of nutritious food. We also strongly believe in education and collaboration which will ensure that improvements can be carried into the future. Ultimately, our work will not just impact Ghana, but will have an effect on Africa as a whole.