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Joe Namath @RealJoeNamath Interview with @ClassActSports Talks More Rex Ryan

Joe Namath @RealJoeNamath Interview with @ClassActSports Talks More Rex Ryan

I’ve been following the work of Class Act Sports for a while and they do a very good job of interviewing players from all sports.  Former Safety Jets’ Victor Green is part of the crew and he interviewed Joe Namath this week.  What makes this interesting is this is the week that Joe was in the News for making his comments about Rex Ryan and does he prepare his players properly.

Rex took it to mean that Joe was only referring to the physical aspect of the game, but if you watch this video, Joe clarifies by talking about the mental part of the game being the most important.

When Joe was asked about what he thought of how Rex guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory his answer:   He smiled big and said “I Don’t Care!”  with a big laugh.   You can tell he wasn’t going to go near that question with a 10 foot pole.

VictorGreen21 Hi Ck out Broadway Joe interview on ClassActSports.com He talked abt the Jets and his guarantee on SB. Also, See What he said abt Rex. VG 9/30/11 8:12 PM