The Jets will be under “The Wire” in Baltimore

The Jets will be under “The Wire” in Baltimore
KenrickEllis Chilling at the crib. 9/28/11 9:54 PM
KenrickEllis I am hooked on the wire. 9/28/11 10:08 PM

The Wire has been off the air for a while now, but with the Jets going to Baltimore this weekend I have been seeing the show popping up in my twitter feed.  Kenrick Ellis has been watching the series and fellow blogger and friend Brian Bassett has been talking about the show and tweeting all day which players could be characters.  EPIC.

Brian_Bassett These The Wire / #Jets comparison characters are awesome … keep ‘em coming! I’m going to write up the best ones tonight for a post tmrw. 9/28/11 3:52 PM
TurnOnTheJets @Brian_Bassett @RobCelletti LT = Avon. S. Greene = Stringer Bell…Power struggle at the top. Holmes = Omar…absolute killer 9/28/11 3:46 PM
Patrick_Jamesss @Brian_Bassett Revis is Marlo, locked down the corners 9/28/11 3:44 PM
TurnOnTheJets @Brian_Bassett Cromartie = Bubbles, inconsistent. Every time he starts to climb up, he falls back down. Revis = Marlo. Cold-Hearted Beast. 9/28/11 3:41 PM
Brian_Bassett @NamedAngel Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit 9/28/11 3:29 PM
bmull74 @Brian_Bassett David Harris is Chris Partlow…quiet but the hardest hitter out there. 9/28/11 4:28 PM

I miss this show!

If you have never seen this show, you got to get going with season one!  Trust me.

The Wire, Season 1 - The Wire
The Wire, Season 1 – The Wire

  • grantham

    You left out one scenario, unlikely though it may be: The Jets do nothing, and pay him the roster bonus and salary for this year. If the Jets don’t want to make a commitment to Jones beyond this one year, and they don’t think they could do better than Jones with their limited free agency options, then since this is an uncapped year, they may just pay him the final year of his contract to keep the backfield intact.

    • Erik Manassy

      Right, the scenario 4, just keep things going! So what do you think the possibility of that happening will come to fruition? The only reason I didn’t think of that was because of superman power agent. Rosenhaus will never let that happen. Thoughts?

      • grantham

        While I don’t think the Jets would go this route, I don’t see how Rosenhaus could prevent it. TJ is certainly not going to hold out if the Jets are paying him $5.9 million.

        • Erik Manassy

          I totally agree… If the Jets are willing to pay the 5.9 there will be no hold out. Do you think that TJ is being greedy here or should he just play out his existing contract?

          • grantham

            From TJ’s perspective, he is coming off two consecutive career years from a statistical point of view. This is his last chance for a big(gish) payday, AND his agent is Drew Rosenhaus. If he stays with the Jets for his final year of the contract, in their three-headed attack, there is no way he can put up similar numbers. So, if he’s looking for one last payday, it may be in his best interest to test the market. I think he’d still have to be pretty happy if he ended up getting his roster bonus on March 9, though.

          • Erik Manassy

            TJ’s major issue with going to the open market is that it’s flooded. Although there are tons of big names and in the same age bracket, and he’s the only player on the rise as crazy as it sounds. The gamble the team who gets him has is, did he peak? As a lone back, yes… TJ will have to accept a diminished role, and that goes for with the Jets!

  • Erik Manassy

    Posted by BENT:

    Good article, e_man. I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment, so I’ll just comment here:
    You did miss one scenario, possibly two. How about the possibility that the Jets try to get him to accept a paycut and he refuses, so they back down and just pay him the final year (unlikely, but you never know). Also, what about a (cap friendly) extension? They could give him a little bit more than what the roster bonus is this year and spread the cap cost over one or two more seasons, giving themselves the option to cut him in 12 months, but giving him the option to earn more money and stay with the team if he can prove his worth.
    I note that you don’t think he will accept a pay cut. I actually don’t think it’s impossible. What do you think he would get on the open market? Not $6m certainly. So, if he likes the Jets and they offer to pay him less than $6m, but slightly more than he can expect to get with another team, then why wouldn’t he accept that? I’m not sure how turning down a paycut and then getting released restores his pride.

  • Brian Slattery

    If it were me, I’d try and get him to take the pay cut and if not, just bite the bullet of his roster bonus and try to trade him during the draft weekend. We’re more likely to get a draft pick for him rather than another player, and if we can replace him in the draft with that pick so much the better. (Keep in mind when I say replace him I mean draft a RB you won’t be able to replace that production.)

    I like the guy and he’s been incredibly productive, but if you look at his stats by quarter, it goes 2.5 YPC in the 1st, 5.5 YPC in the 2nd (padded heavily by some big runs), 3.7 YPC in the 3rd, and 4.5 YPC in the 4th rushing at least 90 times each quarter. Also he looked worn out during the playoffs. If we end up keeping him, I think he can be a productive back next year, but not as a #1. He doesn’t seem to have the legs for an extended run into the post season.

    • Erik Manassy

      Brian – Totally agree, he should bite the bullet. Also here is a selling point: The JETS ARE VERY GOOD! Why would he want to leave, ok I know … $$$$

      I agree he’s not the number 1 anymore, Shonn should get more carries, mix in Leon and keep TJ fresh and use him in certain situations, maybe at the goal line. I just don’t want to lose the guys leadership.

      I heard he comes in early, stays late and burns the candle at both ends in the weight room. Can’t you tell by those pythons!!!

      • Brian Slattery

        I agree that the loss of leadership if TJ leaves could be a detriment, but we have a very veteran O-Line so I doubt the effect will be major. That being said, if we keep Jones and Greene I think mixing in the two of them would make it possible to get two 1,000 yard rushers with 8 or so TDs a piece. Especially if the passing game opens up a little more next season.

        • Erik Manassy

          So let’s say we lose TJ. How do we replace him? Draft in the later rounds? Pickup up one of the Vets on waivers or a free agent? So because we have a great O line, we should be able to put in let’s say an LT or LJ and not miss a thing?

          Where am I going wrong!?

          • Brian Slattery

            I think Greene has the goods to be the #1 back and could get 1,300 yards and 10+ TDs, but if he gets injured like he did in the Championship game the Jets need another back with that running style because Leon is more of a finesse outside the tackles runner.

            I can’t really compare Thomas Jones with a Larry Johnson or a LaDainian Tomlinson because he’s been a healthy productive back for the past 5 seasons. LJ hasn’t been able to get production after he attempted over 400 rushes in a season a few years ago, and LT has been injured the last 2 seasons and would appear to be on the downslide of his career.

            I say if the Jets are to get another RB drafting one round 4 or beyond would be ideal, (the Jets have gotten fairly good 4th round picks out of Leon Washington and Kerry Rhodes which is why I specified that round,) or grabbing a lesser named veteran back off the waiver wire or if need be through free agency, a Chester Taylor for example or someone who could be a FB/RB flex like a Le’Ron McClain for the Ravens. I would hesitate to use a limited free agent spot this year on a position where the Jets are young. I’d like to see some young depth for the D-Line or O-Line picked up as free agents.

  • Dan Richards

    I see TJ as an asset but not beyond the point that I think it would make sense to trade or otherwise cut him if he does not wish to see to the team’s terms. Guys like Randy Moss and Tom Brady are paid “below market value” for the privilege of being on the Patriots and having the chance to win with Bill Belichick. I don’t see a difference between Foxborough and Florham Park in that – the Jets are in the elite right now and no one can deny it. To be a part of that, a player might have to sacrifice a bit in base pay but it will be made up in endorsements and so on.

    On Jones, 30-year-plus running backs are a dime a dozen. If TJ wants to be a Jet, he can take his pay cut. We have Shonn and Leon and can pick a rookie if GM Mike wants one. I appreciate TJ as a leader, a positive sideline influence and a solid producer but he’s not our only hope.