Twitter Reaction!! Joe Namath’s Comments on the Jets and Rex

@e_man When the #Jets win a Super Bowl they can tell Joe Namath to put a lid on it. Joe was as big a talker as Rex, but he backed it up.
9/27/11 9:08 AM
@CRM_Stephen @miggiesmalls NY media and everyone else: Please ignore Joe Namath. He’s a stupid drunk, and was never all that good. Thanks.
9/27/11 9:05 AM



Its about time someone said that RT @TheJetsStream: Jets legend Joe Namath concerned that Rex Ryan is (cont)
9/27/11 9:05 AM
RT @jetstwit So far 70% say Joe Namath can talk all he wants!! – - – - I bet 65% of the 70% are #Pats fans! #Justsaying
9/27/11 9:01 AM
Just because Joe Namath gives you something to write/talk about doesn’t mean that you should do it. It’s journalistic fraud.
9/27/11 8:56 AM
I’m not feeling Joe Namath and his comments about Rex Ryan prep and how he treats his players…
9/27/11 8:52 AM
@mikeandmike what’s up with Joe Willie ripping Rex? #jets namath=bruschi
9/27/11 7:29 AM
“I’m not going to change who I am because Joe Namath said something” – Rex Ryan. <—- umm, you better, he won your team’s only SB. SMH.
9/27/11 7:11 AM
Joe Namath does it again! (cue the Jets/sharks theme from West Side Story} Did you hear what he said about sexy Rexy!
9/27/11 6:53 AM
Damn Joe Namath came at Rex Ryan and the Jets neck.
9/27/11 5:53 AM
Did Joe Namath hit a sore spot for Jets coach Rex Ryan? They aren’t as good as they think they are.
9/27/11 1:50 AM
Rex Ryan says he’d have Joe Namath as his backup qb if he can still throw.Who’s older, namath or favre? #bringnamathoffthecouch #sanchezsucs
9/26/11 10:54 PM
“And they have been pretty good .. pretty good .. but they haven’t won a championship yet” this dude Joe Namath taking em out
9/26/11 9:36 PM