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The New York Jets Were Beaten to a Pulp by the Raiders

The New York Jets Were Beaten to a Pulp by the Raiders

The New York Jets had a very rough game.  Yes they lost the game, but some key individuals left the Oakland area with some injuries.  Added to the injury list was QB Mark Sanchez, who was harassed all game thanks to the sieve that is the offensive line.

Perhaps the individual who had the roughest game was Antonio Cromartie, who was flagged for four flags (whether it was his fault or bad calls), a fumble, and bruised lungs.  Ouch.  His wife was on twitter and let’s just say she was losing her mind.

Here are the injuries:

  • QB Mark Sanchez – Possible Broken Nose, Scratch under eye
  • CB Antonio Cromartie – Bruised lungs that caused him to go to the hospital immediately after the game
  • TE Jeff Cumberland – Possible torn Achilles (That will end his season)

Perhaps this is the Play Mark Broke his Nose

Sanchez appeared for his postgame news conference with a welt under his right eye/nose area. He said he didn’t have an X-ray, but when asked if his nose is broken, he said, “I don’t think so. We’re still looking.”

He wasn’t sure how it happened or who did it, but Sanchez recalled going to the sideline, thinking, “My nose is killing me.”