My Thoughts on the Jets Loss to the Raiders (@e_man)

My Thoughts on the Jets Loss to the Raiders (@e_man)

The New York Jets lost to the Oakland Raiders 34-24 and let’s just say that some of my followers were losing their mind on twitter.  Now I’m not telling people how to react with their emotions to anything in their life.  You own that reaction, so own it, but I will say this about the short season:  Did you really expect to win every game?

e_man I don’t like to tell people how to react but if you were asking for my opinion, I’d say, DEEP BREATHS. That is all. #LoveMyJets 9/25/11 8:27 PM

Don’t tell me, “But Erik, we were supposed to win that game.”  We aren’t supposed to win any game.   Not to sound cliche, but “That’s why they play the games”.  Don’t think that’s true, look at the Patriots / Bills game.  Yes the Bills game back from a 21 point deficit and listen to this Jets fans:  They lead the division 3-0!  Let’s see how long that lasts, but right now, we are 2-1.

Now here are my thoughts about the game.

We are a self proclaimed Running Team That CANNOT Run

What was once our strength is now a huge hole, the offensive line is terrible.  In the past we were able to push open holes to fit mack trucks through, but now we cannot rush block let alone pass block.  When Mark Sanchez is constantly under pressure and running for his life, you get what we have been seeing for the last 3 games, a so-so Mark Sanchez.

nickmangold Tough loss today but I know we will continue to work to improve. #JETS 9/25/11 9:12 PM

Let me be clear.  Mark Sanchez is not built to take a full team on his shoulders to compensate for the lack of the run game.  When the offensive line protects Mark, he can scorch a secondary.  When he is under pressure, he’s spending most of the game on the ground and leaving games with broken noses and scratches.

The Defense Lost us That Game

The Jets allowed Darren McFadden to get his career high in rushing.  The D-line was pushed around and when the linebackers and secondary had a chance to stop him, they were missing tackles.  Rex was very vocal saying that the D lost this game and that the O was not to blame.  I kind of agree, but again that O-line needs to improve.

McFadden Killed the Defense

Antonio Cromartie probably had his worst game ever as a pro and a Jet.  The previous week he was the hero and this week the goat.  Cromartie finished the day with a bruised lung, four penalties and a fumble.  It looked like he was pressing too much and I think the Jets need to let him do what he does best, just play corner back.

nflwhispers Crazy plan with Cromartie – full-time kick returner and full-time cornerback. Made little sense. 9/25/11 11:28 PM

I don’t think that he alone lost us this game, but he definitely gets some blame.

I ran a poll last night on the site, and it’s still live.  I ask you the reader, who lost us the game?


Other Quick Thoughts:

  • LT is the Raider Killer.  He saved Mark’s butt on the check downs when he was getting so much pressure in his face.
  • Colin Baxter did a decent job filling in for Nick Mangold
  • Wayne Hunter continues to have a bad season.
  • Antonio Cromartie will bounce back, but just play him as a corner back.  Take him off the kick off team, and play Kerley.
  • The Raiders were the bullies this game and played a more physical game than the Jets.  Did you see the hit on Jim Leonhard?  Whoa Mama.
  • Despite the poor O-line play, I did like what I saw from Shonn Greene.  Give him the rock more.
  • The ONE play that changed the game was when Mark Sanchez rolled right on 1st and 10 and threw an interception in the end-zone.  Mark, THROW the ball away and live another play.  Ugh.
  • Nick Folk is PERFECT this season.  (No I didn’t jinx him, but fans need to get off his back).
  • Nacarano

    was supposed to be a must win game for the Jets but on this day they found
    various ways to lose. Sanchez didn’t have enough time to throw the ball because
    the offensive line was being pushed around once again. He threw two
    interceptions in total and the team had seven penalties (more than half by
    Cromartie) in all. He didn’t have a game whose team had a weak secondary coming
    into the game.  And they used a three wide out sets most of the game, too.
    But that didn’t work, either. Holmes only had one catch in the game and this
    can’t happen to the Jets game-changing wide out.  This week it was
    the Jets running backs (not taking anything away from Tomlinson) catching
    more passes than the wide receivers combined. Something sounds strange, doesn’t
    it? It could be that they the WR’s were covered? Not the depleted secondary of
    the Raiders. That would be disappointing if that’s true. Many times, it
    appeared that Sanchez checked down on passes but there were definitely times
    where it was a third down situation he threw the ball under the first-down
    marker. He won’t score touchdowns that way. Maybe in the back of his mind he
    thought he’d get the ball right back and fix problems because of the dominant
    defense. Well, they weren’t on this day and they didn’t even have a sack
    in the game. That was another problem for the Jets in the game. They gave up
    plenty of yardage on the ground which is uncharacteristic of them. They
    haven’t given up more than 230 yards in a game under Ryan but today, they did.
    That just doesn’t sound right. You know that Ryan isn’t a happy
    camper. To top the day off, Cumberland might have a ruptured Achilles and
    Cromartie has bruised lungs.  I know that Ryan said that the team needs to
    dig deep to get to the root of the problems but who knows how long that will
    take. They know in the back of their minds, they have two hard games coming up
    on the horizon.

    • Erik Manassy

      Yes I think the D needed to step up and allowing McFadden get a career high rushing AND not tackling is something they need to fix.

      • Nacarano

        I just thought that since the Jets stopped Jones-Drew (no touchdowns) during the Jaguars game, they’d be able to also stop McFadden. Is McFadden that much better? If he is, the Jets didn’t prepare enough in stopping him. He was really the only weapon that the Raiders had, pretty much.

        • Erik Manassy

          He’s probably the best back in football… Yes I said it.

  • Erik Manassy

    @L7Panda Read this and tell me where I’m wrong  Reply here.  Thx!

  • Erik Manassy

    @L7Panda Read this and tell me where I’m wrong  Reply here.  Thx!