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Cro’s Wife Not Happy about the Officiating on Twitter

Cro’s Wife Not Happy about the Officiating on Twitter

The Jets have scored 17 points but so have the Raiders.  I think it’s safe to say that the officiating is one sided to say the least.  There have been some terrible calls on Cromartie (3).  If you follow Cro’s wife on twitter, she doesn’t like what she’s reading about her husband.  My advice, stay off twitter during the games.

iluvTERRICKA Oh ok I see we have such a good week last week yal wanna eff wit us hmmm I see no worries let’s go babe time to show off 9/25/11 5:18 PM
iluvTERRICKA Ummmm there was no hold that time 9/25/11 5:16 PM

Joe Namath is live tweeting, and he thinks the Refs are nuts.

RealJoeNamath Strange half of football. I feel like the #Jets should be winning…but we’re not. Some weird officiating, thats for sure. 9/25/11 5:37 PM
RealJoeNamath There is something WRONG with this officiating crew. Where were they last night? I don’t know what these guys are seein. 9/25/11 4:58 PM
RealJoeNamath This officiating crew is straight outta the cuckoos nest. Terrible. 9/25/11 4:56 PM