Now THAT’S a Burrito! Jets D-Line Dinner before Oakland!

Now THAT’S a Burrito! Jets D-Line Dinner before Oakland!
mowilkerson So who thinks they can eat this whole burrito??? 9/24/11 4:29 PM
KenrickEllis This is the biggest burrito I ever say 9/24/11 3:22 PM

HOLY COW!  I know D-lineman love to eat, but this is for one guy?  Oh, and that’s Sione Pouha’s Burrito.  The guys were so amazed by the size they had to take multiple pictures of it from multiple accounts.


One Burrito!


Pouha Doen't look Intimidated

How do you spell relief? T-U-M-S

  • Max V.V.

    I’m with you. I want TJ to stay on board regardless of how healthy Leon is for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that Leon is not Thomas and does not contribute to the team in exactly the same way he does. Shonn Greene has not proven that he can stay healthy and hold on to the ball, nor that he can operate for a full sixty minutes as the featured back.

    I’m not saying he can’t, but why make the gamble? Thomas Jones remains an asset, albeit an expensive one.

    • Erik Manassy

      Exactly. Keep the train rolling. Why mess with the formula that was the number one rushing O in the league. People are SO quick to toss TJ to the side. And now with LT cut, everyone wants him fast. Maybe there is a reason!

      It would be CRAZY to cut TJ with the season he just had… um…. CAREER YEAR!

      Pay the Man his bonus. Pay Leon. Keep Shonn Learning. Simple, right!?

  • Denismcl175