@NickMangold is Home and on a Tweeting Fest

@NickMangold is Home and on a Tweeting Fest

Nick Mangold is in New Jersey while the rest of the New York Jets are getting ready for the game against the Oakland Raiders and the big guy is bummed.  He hasn’t been that active on twitter since the 2011 season started and it took an ankle injury to get Nick to go back to his off-season tweeting ways.

One quick tweet expressed that Mangold was very bummed out and I thought that would be the end of it until this morning when he went on a tweeting spree.  He was replying to fans and doing it in record fashion.

nickmangold Just drove home instead of flying out to Oakland with my guys. #thissucks 9/23/11 6:15 PM

So where will he be watching the game.  In his Mangold Man Cave of course:

BANJNATION @nickmangold Nick, come up to my place to watch the game Sunday!!!!! I live just off 287 exit 53 North of Morris County. 9/23/11 6:30 PM
nickmangold @BANJNATION thanks but ill probably just hole up in my basement 9/24/11 8:25 AM

Fans were showing pictures of themselves in their Mangold Jerseys to brighten his spirits:

alucard314 @nickmangold hang in there bro we want u 100% and so does my girl #jets http://t.co/8JReW0TB 9/23/11 6:30 PM

Most were giving Nick advice:

whittersnickle @nickmangold It’s just one game! Rest, relax, and come back stronger for the rest of the season :) <3 9/23/11 6:31 PM
nickmangold @whittersnickle that’s the plan 9/24/11 8:26 AM

Perhaps the one single thing that will calm him down is of course Lithium.  No I’m not talking about him actually taking it, but listening to Nirvana, the grunge band from the 90′s.  (I personally grew up on that album and put it up there in my top 5)

steinerm @nickmangold hang in there. Go home, throw a steak on the grill and listen to Lithium. #cantwait till you’re back on the field 9/23/11 6:32 PM
nickmangold @steinerm lithium is doing a nirvana tribute this weekend. Check it out 9/24/11 8:27 AM
nickmangold So today is #Nevermind20thAnniversary. Thank you Lithium for celebrating it properly. #ColdTubTweet 9/24/11 8:48 AM