Mark Sanchez Talks about Playing without Nick Mangold

Mark Sanchez Talks about Playing without Nick Mangold

Here is a video of the Mark Sanchez interview at his locker from yesterday after practice.  Mark answers reporters questions on the Oakland Raiders, their defense, Mangold and the first west coast trip.

No Mangold, Can the Line Prevail?

What I like about Mark is that he’s always talking up his players, in this case Colin Baxter, who will be starting at Center.  Mark makes a very good point that Baxter already played 50 + snaps and the jitters are gone.  He did a decent job and if they just need to work on snap count and little things, I think I’m feeling better about not having Mangold out there for now.

Mark spoke about how the offense is spoiled having Nick Mangold pointing out coverages etc, and so now having him in there puts more pressure on the starters.  What bothers me about this situation is that the running game hasn’t been the greatest, in fact, our rushing stats are near the bottom of the league.  I think Baxter will do a good job, but that doesn’t resolve the issue with our offense line in the first two games.  Wayne Hunter has been a sieve at his position, and a majority of the QB Pressure has been coming through his hole.

What does Mark thing about Man Coverage and the Defense?

Mark talked up the Raiders Defense.  I have to laugh when a reporter asks a player to evaluate their upcoming competition.  Do you really think when asked how the defense is playing, Mark will say that they suck, or that they need work.  Even if he feels he can shred their defense, he would never ever say that, so I think this is a wasted question.