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Chad Pennington on Twitter about Jets “I got Fired!”

Chad Pennington on Twitter about Jets “I got Fired!”

Chad Pennington joined Twitter a couple of weeks ago and has been a mild tweeter, but yesterday he was talking about the Dolphins.  It’s been interesting to watch how Jets fans and Dolphins fans react to the former QB.  Jets fans claim that they have always loved him and wish he would come back to a coaching compacity with Gang Green.

Dolphins fans tweet him telling him that Jets fans never loved him, and that he is a true Dolphin.

Chad tweeted in reaction to a Jets fan tweet where the fan said he has become a Dolphins Apologist.  Apparently it struck a nerve and it started a conversation that lasted for quite a while among Jets fans and Chad tweeting reactions.  Also Chad made sure to make sure that he didn’t “Run to the Enemy”, he made it clear that the NEW YORK JETS FIRED HIM.

SethSchneids It’s so sad that @ChadPennington has become a #Dolphins apologist. 9/20/11 6:08 PM
ChadPennington No apologies here. Just truthful analysis. It would be the same for any team. 9/20/11 7:10 PM
ChadPennington No running to “the enemy” either. I got fired! LOL 9/20/11 7:30 PM
  • Anonymous

    Does anyone care about Chad Pennington? He’s awful. Typical SOJ loser QB. We have a great thing in place, why go back to the dark days. Pennington couldn’t beat a good defense if you spotted him 90 yards on every drive. He was MEANT for the Dolphins.

    • Erik Manassy

      You are probably only one of the few that feel like this about @chadpennington … He was NOT a loser… You kidding me.  DISAGREE.

      • Anonymous

        Not a loser? What big game did he ever win? Put him in a situation vs any above average defense and he was toast.

        • Steve_oboyski

          How bout beating the Colts(with Peyton Manning) in the Playoffs 41-0?????

          • Erik Manassy

            Probably one of his biggest games.  Yeah that was a killer game.

        • C_cappella

          should have beat pittsburgh in the afc divisional game if it werent for doug brien too… should have went to 04 afc championship game

      • Anonymous

        Granted he was better than the other terrible QB’s we trotted out since Namath, but that doesn’t make him great. He was a good QB I’ll give him that, but he could NEVER win a big game vs a good defense/team.

        • Erik Manassy

          I never said he was GREAT.  I think he was a very good Jets QB.

      • Moose

        Chad was as good a QB as you can ask for. He wasn’t the protypical robot armed leader but one thing he did was lead and play the game with heart. He wasn’t a slouch either showing how accurate he was. People clown him for his arm strength or lack there of, or cuz he couldn’t run a 4.40, but so what, he never had a top tier WR to throw to anyway. Didn’t need it, made good things happen with what he had. And with the Dolphins, he was the best thing ever to happen to Chad Henne. Another Chad I think that will bounce back and have a solid career in Miami.

        • Erik Manassy

          I like everything you said Moose until the Chad Henne Part.  lol.

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