Was there an Egg Fight at The L7 Tailgate for the Jaguars Game?

Was there an Egg Fight at The L7 Tailgate for the Jaguars Game?

The New York Jets had a nice and easy win against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday and it was another epic tailgate at the infamous L7 Tailgate.  It has been a very long time that there was a nice sunny 1pm game for the Jets, and I can’t remember waking up at 5am for a Jets tailgate (remember, I come from PA).

This week it was all about breakfast and yes, we had plenty of eggs.  Was there an egg fight at L7?  No but we could have as there was over 100 easy.

btomaska What another great time at #L7Tailgate yesterday… Much love & thanks to you all… It was great to meet so many new faces too! 9/19/11 7:34 AM

alanlern and e_man - "Psssst, I think we have too many eggs"

Breakfast at L7

Leading up to the week, everyone thought it was a great idea to go big, and have a breakfast tailgate.  We were talking eggs, bagels, bacon (tons of bacon), and the famous Crepes Bar from @CrepeSuz0106 and @btomaska .  Oh, and the main ingredient, Parsley.  HUH.  Exactly.

So how did it go?  GREAT but…. I’m wondering how I ended up bringing home 2 lbs of butter, 20 bagels, 4 lbs of bacon, and about 3 dozen eggs.  I KNOW we ate a lot.  I think there were 2 or 3 people who brought 3 dozen eggs themselves.  So much for email coordination.

Double_o_six and her Parsely. It just shows up in everything but it never has a purpose.

Brian and Suz get the Breakfast Bar Ready

Guest Visitors

L7 has been known to get some guests from the media, friends and family members of the players and the officials of the Jets organization.  This week was no exception.

L7Panda and Damien05Keller

I personally didn’t get a chance to see Damien, but everyone was who interacted with him said he was very personable and was glad that he popped over.

Damien Keller is the brother of Jets’ Tight End Dustin Keller, who had a HUGE game Sunday.

btomaska @Damien05Keller great meeting you today man. Thanks for stopping by #L7Tailgate hope you get to do it again 9/18/11 6:14 PM
Damien05Keller @btomaska you too bro. I’ll definitely need to come back soon 9/18/11 8:21 P
Damien05Keller @CrepeSuz0106 you guys are awesome! Thanks so much for having us. You guys at L7 are great! 9/18/11 8:20 PM

Wes Conducting an Interview with Brian (NYJSec133)

Wesley Sykes @Wesley_Sykes writes for the JetsInsider.com and was kind to hang out with us for quite a while.  He conducted interviews with the founders of the L7 Tailgate and other fans.  When we were talking,  Wes told me that our tailgate was very cool and dynamic which was different than he experienced at other tailgates.

Wesley_Sykes Great time. Better environment. 9/18/11 9:04 PM
Wesley_Sykes [cont.] And be on the look out for the first installment of evaluating the New York #Jets tailgating crews. TM we have @L7tailgate #Jets #NFL 9/18/11 11:34 PM

This is high praise coming from a Patriots fan.  No I didn’t misspeak.  He is a Hofstra alum but hails from Massachusetts.  Because he is great covering the Jets, I’ll forgive him for liking the most hated team for a Jets fan.

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Thanks to @TheSheikh Adil who I am now called the official photographer of the L7 Tailgate!!

TheSheikh Finally Done.. Here are the pics i took from the Jets vs. Jags game. 9/18/11 10:02 PM

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2SMART4, e_man, BNICE80, JackBrown21, My Pops

JackieBrown21 Doing the walk in.. Fun tailgate #L7 9/18/11 12:21 PM
BNICE80 @e_man On our way! 9/18/11 8:46 AM

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*Disclaimer* I try my best to record everyone who appeared but as you know it’s very tough as we are HUGE.  If you were at our tailgate and I don’t have you listed here, please hit me up at @e_man and I’ll add you!!  My intent is NOT to offend you by keeping you off the list!  Thanks! E

UNOFFICIAL Count – 46 – In no particular order

  1. @L7Panda .
  2. @LaurNYJ (+1)
  3. @IrishHargz .
  4. @JackieBrown21 .
  5. @BNICE80 .
  6. @Double_O_Six .
  7. @DrewFromJersey .
  8. @NYJSec133 (+1)
  9. @MissJtotheK .
  10. @TheSheikh (+1)
  11. @Btomaska .
  12. @CrepeSuz0106 .
  13. @pondviewskennel (+1)
  14. @BXMLefty23 (+1)
  15. @craiqcayetano .
  16. @BigOrangeRob .
  17. @LilMissNYJet .
  18. @enidtweets .
  19. @jetdom (+2)
  20. @jimmyjets .
  21. @sportsyenta .
  22. @trista_amanda .
  23. @TimRyan83 .
  24. @AlanLern .
  25. @eriverajets .
  26. @cazzball .
  27. @Mayor_Matt .
  28. @Espo4710 .
  29. @Laportal (+1)
  30. @M2daOOSE .
  31. @Wesley_Sykes .
  32. @Damien05Keller .
  33. @e_man (+1)
  34. @MikeCatNYJ .
  35. @L7MikeM .
  36. @BritSlo .
  • http://twitter.com/NYJSec133 Brian I.

    Hey E – I was + 8 my man – I would say between 60 and 70 people yesterday

  • http://twitter.com/Damien05Keller Damien05Keller

    These are great people and GREAT FANS.  I look forward to another visit to L7.  
    Now back at Purdue… BOO!
     See you guys October 17th where the Dolphins get slapped with embarrassment live on ESPN Monday Night Football.
    Go JETS

  • http://twitter.com/Damien05Keller Damien05Keller

    L7 tailgaters are awesome fans and GREAT people.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon, but for longer this time. I look forward to seeing you all Oct. 17th where we will be slapping the Dolphins live on ESPN, Monday Night Football.  
    I can’t wait!

    Suz! I’m going to need lots of crepes in my life!   And I’ll be showing off some pre-game moves LOL