Derrick Mason Addresses His Haters on Twitter about the Belichick Documentary

Derrick Mason Addresses His Haters on Twitter about the Belichick Documentary
deemason85 Just saw that belichick video thing all u ppl are commenting about. He might As well called me boy! Lol total Disrespect, 9/16/11 3:30 PM

Last night marked the debut of the NFL Network’s “A Football Life” documentary which offers a behind the scenes look at Patriots coach Bill Belichick.  I have it recorded on my Tivo, but at this moment have no desire to watch it.  I probably will watch it eventually but this guy really isn’t one of my favorite people for obvious reasons.

I saw some minor reaction on twitter, but this evening Derrick Mason commented on the show and for reason.  There is one scene back in 2009 when the Ravens were playing the Pats and Mason was trash talking to the Patriots bench.  Bill reacted in frustration by telling him to shut the YUP that word and then told him to look at the scoreboard.

Derrick tweeted his reaction to the piece and I can only assume the haters came out and put a full attack on the Jets receiver on twitter judging by his reaction.

deemason85 Had I said that to him, everyone would have been in a uproar! I have to much respect for the game to speck to a coach in that manner! 9/16/11 3:32 PM
deemason85 See u soon coach b.. Sg 9/16/11 3:33 PM
deemason85 Why do ppl get tough on twitter? I dnt understand it! Wouldnt bust a grape in a fruit fight! Lol 9/16/11 4:32 PM
deemason85 Look haters stop blowing me up, I’m trying to eat dinner! Lmbo Still love y’all 9/16/11 7:16 PM
deemason85 Wow even pft hating on me. Lol I guess u can’t say anything about the messiah oh excuse me coach bb..I would love to talk with David smith 9/16/11 7:39 PM
deemason85 Ppl I’m not the least bit upset with coach messiah excuse me again I mean coach bb.. Lol I didn’t remember the incident until today.. 9/16/11 7:42 PM
deemason85 And michael David smith, I would love to talk with u about the incident. U know how to get in touch with me. 9/16/11 7:43 PM
deemason85 Again ppl I’m not upset about the incident and much respect for coach b.Now let me get in the shower. Ttyl B blessed 9/16/11 7:46 PM