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In the Ticket Zone: How Flexibilty Can Save you Some Money on Jets Tickets

In the Ticket Zone: How Flexibilty Can Save you Some Money on Jets Tickets
After the excitement of the start of the season last week, tickets to see the home opener have been moving a quick pace, according to our partner TiqIQ.  There are a lot of great deals to be had, but this week we want to make you aware of a new ‘Make an Offer’ option that TiqIQ has made available. Online, you’re probably used to buying tickets based on what the seller is asking.  Anyone who’s ever been to a game knows this isn’t how it works in the real world. In the real-world, it’s a negotiation.  Unfortunately, with the exception of a few eBay tickets, that’s not how online ticket buying works…until now. With TiqIQ’s new ‘Make an Offer‘ option, you can tell the seller what you’re willing to pay.  Keep in mind, offers are not always accepted, but just having the ability to name a price is a refreshing twist.

What’s the catch?  In order for the right to name a price, you lose the ability to choose a specific seat.  Instead, the seller is committing to get you a seat within a specific area or zone.  You still have the ability to choose different zones, but inside those zones, the seller gets to choose where you sit.  As you’ll see on the below link, you can choose from 1-5 stars and each star corresponds to a different zone.

For this week’s game, check out the “two-star deals,” which are seats around the 50 yard line or in the first few rows outside the 50. TiqIQ recommends offering 65% of the ticket face value, which is a really meaningful discount, especially because these deals don’t include any fees for shipping or handling.  Keep in mind that prices go up as more tickets get sold. So, you if you’re looking for a deal for this Sunday, move quickly.


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