Should the Jets Bring out the Kelly Green Throw Backs?

Should the Jets Bring out the Kelly Green Throw Backs?

The New York Jets will be wearing the Titan Throwback Jerseys this week when they face the Jacksonville Jaguars.  When the Jets made the announcement on twitter, I put out a quick tweet just stating that I don’t mind the Titan Jerseys but would love to see the Kelly Green Jerseys with the Jets logo that had the swoop.

I grew up watching every game in that Jersey until they made the change in 1998.  Now here is the argument.  Many people say that when the Jets wore the Kelly Greens, it was the darkest period in Jets history and why would we want to go back to those Jerseys.  Another argument is that we are only 14 seasons removed from those Jerseys and it might be too soon.

I asked the question yes or no on twitter and I would say the majority of the replies I got back were from fans who wanted to see the Kelly Greens.  Many fans still wear their authentic throw backs to the Jets games now.  My Father sports his Kelly Green 73, and I’ll be wearing my #90 soon.

I’m not one to believe in a Jinx either.  I say bring em back.  Have one game in the Titans, and one in Kelly Green.  I think that would be great for seasons moving forward.

What do you think?

  • Sbbiomed

    I hate the Titans Jersey.  I would love to see the Jerseys that I grew up with.  I would love to  purchase a throwback kelly green shirt/jersey with the current players, than the ugly Titans jerseys they sell. 

  • Joepitch67

    I want them to bring those back so badly.But I must admit I would love to see them with the black in them like they had in the 90′s.Also I don’t care what anybody says but when they wore those kelly green pants with the white jerseys,man were those things sharp looking.And don’t even get me going on the helmets either.How can anyone say that the logo and helmets they wear now is way better than the one with the Jet’s logo with the plane coming out of the letter J?My friend’s nephew never even got to see them wearing those helmets and when he saw the one I have on display in my house he loved it and wished they would bring it back.He was also right on something I’ve been saying since they made the switch,these uniforms and hemets are boring.