Jets Give Mark Sanchez a Concussion Test After Cowboys Game

Jets Give Mark Sanchez a Concussion Test After Cowboys Game

The Jets are not taking chances with “The Sanchize” as we was tested for a concussion shortly after the Sunday Night game against the Dallas Cowboys.  – Read More from Manish Mehta

Demarcus Ware was a beast, but it seemed like the entire Cowboys line was hassling Mark all game.  Many people want to blame Mark for not stepping up but if you are running for your life all game and taking major blows, you have to start to look at the real problem:  The Offensive Line.  The Jets were unable to keep Mark horizontal and they were unable to blow open holes for the running game.

They are said to be looking for pass rushers on the defense, but I think a major need is a offensive lineman.

TheJetsStream #Jets give Mark Sanchez precautionary concussion test after win over Cowboys, QB passes, feels finej 9/14/11 7:42 AM
Mark Sanchez

“I just took a couple good shots,” Sanchez told ESPN radio Tuesday. “I feel good. (I) did some balance tests. They checked my baseline tests and compared it to my balance tests (on) Sunday night and Monday. I feel good and I’m ready to go.”

“I think they were just being really cautious,” he added. “They tend to do that with all of our players. They want to make sure we’re feeling good and we’re ready to go and we’re obviously not at a health risk.

Mark Sanchez On Getting Hammered Against the Dallas Cowboys
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