Ines Saintz Back at Jets Practice Today

Ines Saintz Back at Jets Practice Today
janesports Jets face their biggest test of the young season: TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz at practice today. 9/14/11 12:20 PM
rodboone Look who’s at #Jets practice today. That would be Ines Sainz. 9/14/11 12:30 PM

So why is Ines at Jets practice today?  No clue, but one thing is for certain, no Jets players will go near her.  Who wants to bet that she wants to interview Mark Sanchez.

Last year there was all that controversy in the locker room and the field and the Jets really didn’t need that distraction.  They really don’t need it this year, but this will be test number one:  Can they behave and not make news.

You bet.  The Jets will behave I’m sure.

Inez Saints must think she's at a Cocktail Party - Photo @RodBoone

  • Rob

    Whats with that dress ??  Is she kidding?