Rex: Turn the Emotion into Passion to Win the Game

Rex:  Turn the Emotion into Passion to Win the Game
Here is the Rex Ryan Post Game Press Conference from the Cowboys game on 9/11.  You can tell the game took a lot out of him and he looked exhausted.  Trust me, I was too as a fan watching that game.  I hope we won’t be calling this team the cardiac kids.  Check out his video and then read my take on Rex’s comments.

janesports Rex Ryan opened the press conference with: “After watching the film again, we still won.” #Jets 9/12/11 4:37 PM


Here are my thoughts:

Whoever plays the hardest and longest will win the game according to Rex.  He believes that the Cowboys are one TOUGH team and when they have a record of 241-0 when they have a 14 point lead heading into the 4th quarter.   For the Jets to win the game speaks volumes that this was a full team effort.  Now the Boys are 241-1 thanks to the NEW YORK JETS!

Rex credits the team effort and the players feeding off the energy of the fans.  Well there were times when we were quiet, I think because we were in shock of their early play, but NO ONE left the stadium early.  Obviously with the game being played on 9-11 and many emotions in the air, no one was going to leave.  It was great to witness first hand how LOUD that game was and it was one for the ages.

Offensive Line

Mark Was Running for His Life

Rex believes they have a ton of work to do, and I completely agree.  Where to begin!  Well for one, let’s start with the offensive line.  Wow.  I love Wayne Hunter but man did he have a tough game.  I would normally defend him and say that Ware was the reason he was killed on some plays, but it didn’t matter who you lined up against him, he was having trouble.

The entire line didn’t give Mark any time to stand in the pocket.  He was running for his life and if he wasn’t getting sacked, he was scrambling and hitting his check down receivers.  LT and the Tight Ends benefits most from those plays.   Forget about having any type of running game as well.  When Rex calls us a ground and pound team, the only pound I saw was our offensive line getting pounded.  They had no push and couldn’t open holes for any of the running backs so I can’t put the blame on Shonn Greene.

 Special Teams

The Return from the Blocked Punt

They are the heroes of the game.  Joe McKnight’s punt block was huge to cause the Jets to score a TD.  The stadium was rocking and the momentum changed even more at that point.  And what can be said about Nick Folk.  For all the criticism the guy takes, he lets it roll off his back and he nails a 50 yarder.  When are Jets Fans going to get off his back and give the guy some credit.  I know it was one kick, but guess what, it was the kick heard all around New York.


Revis with the Pick

Rex would not give out any game balls for the defensive side, but I have to give credit to Revis for making big plays.  Also the Mike DeVito knocking the ball out from Tony Romo and Sione Pouha jumping on the ball was the game changer.  I know why Rex called out his defense.  He’s a defensive guy, and he wants that unit to be the best.  He wants them perfect.  I don’t believe for one second that he didn’t think that his D played well, but he’s not going to tell them.  This is a tactic to have them step up their games.

  • Lilmacmcmo

    As a Cowboys fan I’m a little ticked we let this win get away from us, but I cannot take away anything from the Jets. They played a mediocre game for 3 quarters and turned it up when they needed it most. That’s what good teams do. Defense wins championships and the Jets D played championship football when it counted most. Kuddos to the Jets for winning a game they were almost certain to lose. Ain’t no shame losing to a good team. Wish Dallas was playing the Jets again next week……in Dallas. Lol