Did We Make the Right Choice: Wide Receivers Week One

Did We Make the Right Choice:  Wide Receivers Week One

All throughout the season, we will be doing a comparison of Plaxico Burress vs. Braylon Edwards and Derrick Mason vs. Jerricho Cotchery to see did we make the right decision with letting solid players go.  I know it’s only one game, but the Jets are 2-0 right now.  Each time a receiver out plays their counterpart, we will score one point and then bring you the totals at the end of the season.


Plaxico Burress

Year Age Tm GS Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng
2011 34 NYJ 1 4 72 18.0 1 26
plaxico Working hard everyday to get better! 9/7/11 5:31 PM


Braylon Edwards

Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng
2011 28 SFO WR 1 3 27 9.0 0 12
OfficialBraylon Shots out to Plaxico for puttin in work in his welcome back game. Keep reppin that 17 homie 9/11/11 11:52 PM

Derrick Mason

Year Age Tm Pos GS Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng
2011 37 NYJ WR 1 3 19 6.3 0 13


Jerricho Cotchery

Did Not Play

Plaxico (1) vs. Braylon (0)

Derrick (1) vs. Jerricho (0)


  • http://empiresportsnow.com/ Rich

    This makes the draft so important for the Jets this year. The Jets have several holes they need to address this off-season and it’s mainly going to be filled with young players and rookies. I’m very interested to see which position they think needs to be addressed the most. OLB, CB, DE, WR, OL depth – all positions the Jets could use help at.

    Great information, as always from Jetstwit.

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      Rich, I would also add that the picks CANNOT be projects. I hope they will be able to plug and play immediately. We can’t afford another top pick like Gholston!

      • http://empiresportsnow.com/ Rich

        Yes, for certain. They have to pick somebody who can have an immediate impact; someone who is NFL ready now.

  • slats

    I’m not sure Florio has it right. Best explanation I’ve seen of the no trade clause is that it’s in there to prevent final eight teams from circumventing the UFA rule. Meaning the Rams can’t sign Julius Peppers to a huge FA deal, then trade him to the Jets for Erik Ainge (exaggerated to make a point). The Jets can’t trade for any UFA’s they wouldn’t be able to sign for one full year.

    Also, I’m pretty sure you can’t add up the value of lost FA’s to sign one expensive one. I think it’s all 1-1. You lose one guy for $2M a year, and one for $1M a year, you can sign two FA’s – one for $2M and one for $1M, but not one for $3M.

    … I THINK!

  • Jimmy

    Maybe I’m just a little too pessimistic but as big a Jets fan as I am I don’t see us winning the Super Bowl in 2010 with all these restrictions. I know we were 30 minutes away from the Super Bowl but it’s not going to be easy in getting back there especially when teams on the cusp of making the playoffs can upgrade their team from every aspect. This years draft alone will not get us over the top.

  • Ejdecker

    If possible, pls add “1st Downs” stat, since much of each’s respective effectiveness will come from gaining important 1st downs which won’t show up in the stats above — especially for JCro and Mason. They could have 20 yds. all day, but if 16 of them resulted in 1 or 2 yd tough catches for 1st downs, they’re valuable weapons. Jus’ sayin’…