The Atmosphere of the 9/11 Jets Game was Magical

The Atmosphere of the 9/11 Jets Game was Magical

It’s the morning after the opening game where the New York Jets pulled at a cardiac win over the Dallas Cowboys on September 11th, the 10th anniversary of the worst attack on American Soil.  Emotions were the highest I have seen in a while at that stadium and let’s just say that I have absolutely no voice today!!  Bart Scott and the Jets wanted us to be loud, and we only did it once the game started to shift to the Jets side.  Thank you Tony Romo for trying to score that touchdown.  Can we say TURNING POINT. 

mhigginsjets Great overhead shot of the pregame ceremony last night. #jets 9/12/11 11:21 AM
e_man Well guess who has no voice this morning. #jets 9/12/11 10:23 AM

Fireman Ed was Out in Full Force

Fireman Ed was there in full force wearing a FDNY Red Jersey and greeting fans and riling them up all night.  There were many celebrities on hand, including President George W. Bush to throw out the coin toss, Tony Soprano, Robert DeNiro, Billy Cyrstal and I’m sure many more.  I couldn’t believe how packed that stadium looked and the New York Jets did a beautiful Job commemorating the memory of loved ones and all victims of 9-11.  I was so proud to be an American as always.

I haven’t had a chance to see how the game and events looked on television, but seeing it live will go down as one of the best Jets games I have EVER been too.  (The Monday Night Miracle is still tops).

Jets Fans Showed Up!

The Half Time Show was so classy, and seeing the stadium with the lights turned down was epic.  It looked like a Super Bowl half time show.  The pillars of light and the imprints of the twin towers outlined by Jets fans holding lights sent chills down your spine.  No one was talking during the performance, and no one left their seats.  It was surreal to say the least.

The Pillars of Light

The Night was fantastic and the memories will be for a life time.  Thank You Jets for pulling out the Win.