Looking to go to the Cowboys vs. Jets 9-11 Game?

Looking to go to the Cowboys vs. Jets 9-11 Game?

With the big opening game for the New York Jets days away, there are still tickets available from the Jets Twit Ticket site, brought to you by our partner TiqIQ.

There is a ton of hype, emotions, and story lines heading into the game on Sunday Night vs. the Dallas Cowboys to be hosted by the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium, but none greater than the 10th anniversary of 9-11.


Prices have dropped at the game approaches.  The average price was over $300.00 per ticket, the only other game currently is the Jets / Giants game in that price range.  This game’s prices are high for a reason, being that it’s the opener, it falls on 9-11 and it’s against “America’s Team” on national TV.

If you are planning to go to the game, check out our system.  There are great deals to be had and there is no way you should pay 200 + if you don’t need to.  There are prices in the upper deck for $100.  Also there are great deals to be had downstairs if that’s your thing.

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