Former New York Jets QB Chad Pennington Joins Twitter @ChadPennington

Former New York Jets QB Chad Pennington Joins Twitter @ChadPennington

UPDATE:  Chad changed his twitter name from @CPennington10 to @ChadPennington already.  Talk about indecisiveness.   Kidding Chad.   He also got Twitter Verified (The Blue Check) fast.  He wasn’t even online on twitter for 24 hours and already he has 2,300 followers and the blue Check.  The Man.

I won’t lie.  I’m stoked that Chad Pennington has joined Twitter.  I always thought he was a GREAT New York Jet, and a very smart QB.  Even though we never made it to the promised land with Chad, I enjoyed watching him as the leader of the Jets.    Hat tip to our friend @nyjoverthepond for the heads up that Chad entered the Twittersphere.

CPennington10 Grab a Seat! I’m a social networker! Hello to the world of twitter 9/8/11 8:38 PM
CPennington10 @MikePereira Mike, feel privileged man! ur the first person I’ve tweeted. Whats the world coming to when I join twitter?! 9/8/11 8:41 PM

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Anthony_Becht @cpennington10 The media world has trapped u in lol 9/8/11 9:16 PM
CPennington10 @Anthony_Becht it rite man, can’t beat em, so join em 9/8/11 9:28 PM