Rex Ryan: “I think we can Make Plays Down the Field on People”

Rex Ryan:  “I think we can Make Plays Down the Field on People”

Rex Ryan was recently on the Michael Kay show, and when asked about opening the offense for Mark Sanchez, Rex said that he loves the Ground and Pound but he’ll go to the air depending on what the D is showing them.  Let’s just hope that is true.  I know Mark was only in his second season last year, but the first couple of games where the hand cuffs were on Sanchez because they didn’t want the youngster to lose them games must not be on this year.

Let Mark sling the ball, I mean, he has plenty of super stars to throw the ball too and as Rex says, if they want to play back, pound the ball with Greene.

I believe this is a HUGE year for Sanchez and Greene.  Time to step up fellas.

Rex Ryan

“Well I still love the ground-and-pound, but I think we can make plays down the field on people. If they want to stack it up there on us I think we’ll make ‘em pay. So if that’s it, we kind of dictate what we want to take. If they’re stacking the box or up close to the line of scrimmage to stop the run, then we can throw it over the head. And that’s great. That’s one way to light up the scoreboard. And if they want to stay back in coverage and we can stay with just running the football, I think we’ll be effective that way as well.”

Rex Ryan On potentially opening up the offense and passing attack for Sanchez this coming season