The Ryan’s Are Toning It Down for 9-11

The Ryan’s Are Toning It Down for 9-11
KristianRDyer Metro – Ryan brothers tone down talk for 9/11 game via @metronewyork #Jets #NFL 9/5/11 10:01 PM





Normally any game between the two brothers is CRAZY leading up to the actual game.  The one liners, the outfits, everything is wild about the match up even though Rex is a head coach and Rob is a defensive coordinator.  Out of respect and doing the right thing, both brother’s are toning it down this week.

Also on both Brother’s minds is their father who is currently battling cancer.  He’ll be at the game Sunday Night.

Per Kristian Dyer

There won’t any one-liners this time from Rex Ryan as the gregarious and affable Jets head coach gets ready to face his twin brother Rob, the Cowboys defensive coordinator, on Sunday night.

Last year, the two brothers squared off in an overtime win by the Jets in Cleveland, but the real battle began in the days leading up to the game. During his midweek press conference last fall, Rex Ryan entered and took the podium with a pillow under his shirt and a blonde wig on, clearly poking fun at his brother’s portly shape and long locks. This year, given the fact that the game takes place on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks and will be played just minutes from Ground Zero, the brothers have ratcheted down the talk.

All Ryan's Will be In Attendance for the 9-11 Game

“He knows that it’s 9/11. He can poke fun and obviously last year that was good for him and I love him, but that’s just the way he is,” Rob Ryan said on Monday. “But if he does I’d be surprised.”