Let the Gamesmanship Begin, Did the Jets Acquire Sendejo for the Cowboy Game?

Let the Gamesmanship Begin, Did the Jets Acquire Sendejo for the Cowboy Game?
rodboone Watch Rex talk about Plax and new safety Andrew Sendejo, who the #Jets claimed off waivers from the #Cowboys: http://t.co/XbzpryP 9/5/11 6:09 PM
nyjets #AL New uniform numbers: WR Gilyard 15, S Sendejo 26, LB Bellore 54, OL Baxter 64, OL Schlauderoff 72. 9/5/11 3:10 PM

The New York Jets picked up Safety Andrew Sendejo on Monday and you have to wonder if the Jets did it for gamesmanship.  Teams are known to do that and it is especially true for the Jets and Patriots, but I think the Jets saw a player who was very good and needed to fill a void.

Remember, the Jets traded away Dwight Lowery, and Sendejo had a decent camp and is considered to be a decent player by the cowboys head coach Garrett.

Regardless if brother Rob believes Rex didn’t do it for the gamesmanship or not he was taking any chances.  He changed a complete package on practice on Monday according to Romo.

Judging from what he saw at practice Monday, quarterback Tony Romo thinks that, perhaps, Ryan is safeguarding his defense against any such intel intercepts.

Tony Romo
“We have a packaged called 21 that’s just the personnel we use for the scout team and Rob had everything changed,” Romo said, per the Dallas Morning News. “They had some stuff up before and so we get out there today and then all of a sudden he’s changed all the stuff they were doing before. It’s interesting. I think Rob probably thought maybe that was some of it because he changed all his stuff. That was pretty funny.”
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