4 Story Lines for the Jets Cowboys Game

4 Story Lines for the Jets Cowboys Game

Jets Play on 9/11

It is great to be talking and writing about an actual football game and the New York Jets open the season vs. the Dallas Cowboys at home.  It’s only Tuesday and I’m so jacked up right now.  I can’t imagine what game day will be like for everyone.

So I was thinking about what the major story lines are coming into this game and I can think of four major ones.

First, on paper, Dallas has an explosive offense but will it translate to a win in the first week when they face the best defense in the league, according to Rex Ryan?   You have to remember that the Cowboys are probably coming off of one of their worst years in recent memory going 6-10.  They also get Tony Romo back who missed most of the season with an injury.

Felix Jones will be the featured back now that Barber has moved on, and will Dez Bryant be the guy in his second year?  The two guys that I know won’t have any question marks and scare the hell out of me is Miles Austin and Jason Witten.  Witten is a HUGE target for Romo and he fits kind of the same mold as Dustin Keller does for us, a total mismatch for linebackers and the secondary except the difference is Witten gets about 90 catches and 9 TDs.  That is some scarey output for a tight end.

So here are the 4 Major Story Lines for the Cowboys Game


1.  The 10 Year Anniversary of 9-11

The New York Jets will be hosting the game on prime time and expect emotions to be at an all time high.  The Jets have a commemoration planned before, during and at half time to honor all those affected by the events on September 11th.

2.  Plaxico Burress’ return to Football after 3 Years

The big man returns to New York, but will be playing for gang green, not big blue.  Can the dominant receiver be that threat again in the red zone.  Plax has already said that emotions will be high for him because of his return, but add 9-11 and he’ll be charged and ready.  He also stated that he doesn’t know if tears will flow but they most likely will.


3.  The Ryan Brothers Go at it Again, Rex HC, Rob Defensive Coordinator

These two brothers have a history of ripping each other when their teams face off in the past, but they made it known that they are going to tone it down out of respect for 9/11 and also with what their father is going through battling cancer.

4.  Buddy Ryan in Attendance despite his Cancer Battle

Buddy Ryan has reprieve from his doctor to be in NY to see the game.  Buddy received bad news last week that medical test confirmed he has glandular cancer.

Rex with his Father Buddy

Per Bob Glauber – He will require surgery almost immediately to remove the tumor from his neck area.

But Ryan, the father of Jets coach Rex Ryan and Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan , told his surgeon he wants to do one thing before the operation.  “I asked the doctor if it would be OK to go to the game before I had the surgery,” Ryan said yesterday in an interview with Newsday from his Kentucky horse farm.  “He said I could go.”

Buddy used to coach for the New York Jets when they went to the Super Bowl with Joe Namath.  The Ryan brothers were wee little lads on the sidelines learning the game.

All Ryan's Will be In Attendance for the 9-11 Game


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     I really enjoy watching the games especially the Cowboys. I’m excited for this season. My co-workers at DISH and I have been waiting for the football season since it ended. I have been playing fantasy football for a while now and I am happy to have NFL Redzone to help me keep up with it all. I can’t wait for football to start tonight!!