Do What You Love for a Living

Do What You Love for a Living
deemason85 It’s a good thing when u enjoy what u do!! 9/5/11 9:37 AM

I personally live by that philosophy.  If you do something you absolutely love for a living, it will never feel like you will work a day in your life.  That’s one of the main reasons I created Manassy Media, my online web media company.

  • Iain Bartholomew

    Very much agree. This is why I quit being a lawyer to work in SEO/Social Media.

  • Erik Manassy

    Kudos to you…

  • Guy Massey

    I agree also!! I quit a job that paid $60,000 a year to use GI Bill to go back to college to be a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist. I tell everyone if you have the means make the move. If you don’t have the means, have the WILL and find a way! Nothing like going to work and being HAPPY with what you are doing! You’ll be much more happy, less stressed, and heck maybe home life will improve!! lol  Good luck to u Iain! Hope everything works out for ya. Eric hope you have longterm success!

    • JetsTwit

      Thanks Guy!! 

  • Guy Massey

    Oh and GO JETS!