Aaron Maybin Should be on the Jets

Aaron Maybin Should be on the Jets

They called him a long shot to make the team, but I think Aaron Maybin did enough to stick with the New York Jets.  What baffles me about the Jets waiving the LB is that he showed flash and speed for a team that claims they are going to wreak havoc on offensives but has not shown a decent pass rush in the past.

Jets fans were falling in love with 51 and the reaction I’m seeing across the Interwebs is of disappointment.  I wonder if Aaron will land with another team, but it seemed that Rex was NEVER in love with the idea of keeping Maybin.  I wonder if he reminded him too much of our own bust who never panned out.

Rex Ryan

“Certainly, he did have some moments in that Philly game,” Rex Ryan said on Saturday night. “Certainly he played well. He was one of those guys that we talked about. … I thought his play rushing the passer, that’s what landed him on the roster.”

Rex Ryan On Aaron Maybin
  • Guy Massey

    The move to let him go was definitely a head scrathcher! I’m not sure of some of the roster moves so far. They have me a little nervous now lol

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      I thought he was better than the other LB’s they kept… Definitely a head scratcher.