Jets Cut Aaron Maybin, I Disklike this Move

Jets Cut Aaron Maybin, I Disklike this Move
TheJetsStream Source told me this last night re: Aaron Maybin: “Maybin is a luxury. We’ll keep him if no one better shows.” #Jets found 4 better 2day #nyj 9/4/11 2:30 PM

Per Manish Mehta

Aaron Maybin’s attempt to revive his career with the Jets came to an abrupt end Sunday when Gang Green cut the former first-round pick. Maybin, who had shown flashes as an edge pass rusher during his brief stay with the Jets, made the initial 53-man roster Saturday night. However, he became expendable after the team claimed four players off waivers, including quarterback Kevin O’Connell.

Maybin, who signed a one-year deal with the Jets after getting cut by the Bills last month, recorded 1 ½ sacks in the preseason finale against the Eagles last week. “Certainly, he did have some moments in that Philly game,” Rex Ryan said on Saturday night. “Certainly he played well. He was one of those guys that we talked about… I thought his play rushing the passer, that’s what landed him on the roster.”

I dislike this move. I know they said he was a luxury, but I really was liking what I saw in preseason.  I think Part of me was hoping that we could make up from the Gholston Pick.  I know Maybin has nothing to do with Gholston, but I felt that if Aaron stuck with us, it was almost like we were forgiven for making such a bad mistake with Vernon.
  • Dean Barbella

    Erik – Eloquent and Succinct, as always! You covered the comedy, tragedy and the bitter disappointment of a Jets fan.

    We never pointed a finger at the front office for Gholston bust. Picking a OLB at #6 Overall is risky behavior. RathIf anything, be mad at Mangenius for beating Herm Edwards (Kansas City) in a meaningless overtime game, only to fall further in the draft. As Edwards says, “You Play To Win The Game,” but I’d rather the consolation prise – Darren McFadden.

    Like you, when I heard Rex had a shot at a reclamation project that he termed, DPR (Designated Pass Rusher) Aaron Maybin dropped by a division rival, a year younger than Gholston, I peed my pants.

    Rex talks about what a great kid he is, going to the same school as his son. Rex talks about his long lean physique makes him a natural pass rusher. So, the kid shows up a “tweener” and 30Lbs underweight (due to pneumonia). How does a young athelete get pneumonia? My grandmother doesn’t get pneumonia!

    Anyways. He can always hit the weightroom. Hit the playbook, ’cause he’s busy hitting QB’s 2 1/2. Not too shabby (even for preseason). That’s 2 1/2 more than Gholston ever had. Now, Jets fans are starting to believe. Allowing themselves to believe!

    I went to sleep dreaming of a legitimate pass rush. No longer would Rex have to scheme Xs and Os with Smoke and Mirrors. No longer would a 5 foot 8 inch, 150 pound saftey lead our powerhouse defense in sacks. And, the cherry on top as Brandon Meriweather might be available too!!!

    I woke up the next day to learn, the Bears snagged Meriweather, and Jets dropped Maybin for a fourth-string quarterback. This is an outrage!!!

    I want answers! Unless Rex tells me that Maybin took a dump on his desk on can’t figgure this one out. Even then, I’d question dropping him. Maybin’s potential at a position (DPR) of great need (since Abraham) is too great to piss away.

    I’m bitterly disapointed!