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Scotty Thanks People for “Kind Words” on Twitter

Scotty Thanks People for “Kind Words” on Twitter
smcknight21 Thanks everyone for all the kind words…or tweets.. Wish we could have grabbed the W but cool experience for my first NFL catch. Goodnight! 9/2/11 1:08 AM
DWAZ73 #Jets’ @smcknight21′s TD catch was the first pass he saw thrown to him in preseason. “That’s a good feeling.” Would’ve liked more opps, tho. 9/2/11 12:27 AM

I don’t think the ONE catch, despite it being a TD, will make Scotty McKnight make the team even though he was drafted.  The Jets won’t waive him in my opinion, but he will ride the practice squad for maybe the entire season.  Scotty showed great adjustment on the catch as the ball was thrown to his back shoulder away from the defender.  I won’t deny the catch looked pretty, but being Mark’s friend and dating a celebrity won’t cause him to make the active roster.