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Kerley Craves the Wildcat “Let me Loose”

Kerley Craves the Wildcat “Let me Loose”
JKerley_11 They let me loose on tht wildcat tonight!! Lookin like it’s gonna stay in the game plan!! 8/29/11 10:58 PM

Per Jenny Vrentas – Kerley, the Jets’ confident fifth-round pick, craves chances to get his hands on the football. In Monday’s 17-3 preseason victory against the Giants, four of those chances came via direct snaps in the team’s Wildcat package — the first time the Jets had used it in a preseason game this summer, in the post-Brad Smith era.

The results? Encouraging. The Jets gained 39 yards on those four plays — plus another for no gain that was negated by a holding penalty — as Kerley kept the ball, pitched it and passed, putting his training as a high-school option quarterback to good use.

JKerley_11 Reporter asked me ” so wht do you think about the tcu vs Baylor game, will the frogs come out on top”… Lol, man wht do you think!!! 8/29/11 11:28 PM