Joe Doubts Burress, Why I think Namath is Wrong

Joe Doubts Burress, Why I think Namath is Wrong

Ok, so Joe doesn’t think Plax is going to play the full season and if he does get on the field build a chemistry with Mark Sanchez.  Why say that Joe?  I know you have opinions and you are basing it that he’s been out of football for so long, and is getting injuries (it’s preseason and the Jets are being cautious)  but I think you are flat out wrong.  You are basing that on the obvious of what you saw from the Giants game (0 catches), but what you are not taking into account is the mans’ desire.

Remember the Super Bowl season, catch and trophy Plaxico obtained when he was injured.  Remember he didn’t practice all week hardly leading up to the big game.  Yes I know, 3 years in jail vs. weeks of missed practice isn’t the same but my point is that again, his desire to be great and he will overcome. 

I hope he makes All-Pro, but the realistic side of me … The reality is, he’ll be damn lucky if he makes it through the season,” Namath said. Namath also is skeptical that Burress will be able to establish chemistry with third-year quarterback Mark Sanchez. ”

When I see Burress, certainly in the past, and (former Jets wideout Braylon) Edwards, their route running and adjusting, I didn’t like it — and I still don’t,” Namath said. “I’ll be surprised if Burress and Sanchez click well and I’ll be even more surprised if Burress, after being laid off for two years and change, is going to make it through the season.”  Read more:

Joe Doubted Edwards Too and He Had a VERY GOOD Season

Don’t like his adjustments?  JOE, what about this catch?  Have you watched this RECENT video of him running routes blind folded?  PRECISION.  How can you doubt this freak of nature?

Ok, so you didin’t like Edwards route running last year but look at the end results.  53 catches  904  yards, 7 TDs and caught the ball in critical moments AND you were critical of him dropping the ball and I watched EVERY snap last season and he didn’t drop ONE BALL that I can remember.

Let’s say you are right though Joe, and Plaxico DOES miss a game or two, look at the depth of WR.  I’m confident that Holmes, Mason, Kerley and any one of the other receivers could step in as well as Dustin Keller over the middle.  I’m not worried.
I’m also going to go on record and say that Plax puts up bigger numbers than Edwards’ stats from last year AND he’ll have the better season this year.
I say you are wrong to doubt Plaxico Burress, with all due respect Mr. Namath.  He’s going to prove you wrong.