Jets Hold Kickoff Luncheon on Wall Street

Jets Hold Kickoff Luncheon on Wall Street
nyjets #AL Great turnout for the Kickoff Luncheon here at Cipriani’s Wall Street. Check our website for more coverage later today. 8/31/11 1:01 PM
JeaneCoakleySNY Someone didn’t clean his plate…ummm @JKerley_11. #jets kickoff lunch 8/31/11 2:41 PM

Someone didn't clean his plate...ummm

GVMcElroy Headed to the Kickoff Luncheon. 8/31/11 11:38 AM
Morgan_2Ready NYC bound for a luncheon #JETLIFE 8/31/11 11:51 AM
BCusterSNY Headed to the #Jets Kickoff luncheon on Wall Street. They have a player sit at your table. Last year, the SNY table had @KWilson20. 8/31/11 11:56 AM
rodboone At #Jets kickoff luncheon, I asked Sione if he’s ready and going to play in opener vs. #Cowboys: “One hundred percent,” he said. 8/31/11 12:56 PM
JennyVrentas Gov. Christie’s wife and kids are at luncheon. Christie himself not here, dealing with Hurricane aftermath, Woody Johnson says. #nyj 8/31/11 1:15 PM

Photo - Lou D'Agostino


BCusterSNY Talked with @ACromartie aka “alcrotraz” at the #Jets luncheon & he says expect a big year out of him because he’s comfortable in Rex’s “D.” 8/31/11 2:12 PM
JennyVrentas Donald Trump making a cameo at Jets kickoff luncheon. #nyj 8/31/11 12:30 PM
mikecam84 Juss met Donald Trump..discussed a lil business 8/31/11 1:54 PM

Photo from Lou D'Agostino