Wilkerson and Jacobs Both Get Tossed

Wilkerson and Jacobs Both Get Tossed

Jets Rookie Muhammad Wilkerson and Brandon Jacobs were both ejected from the game for exchanging air blows in yesterdays’ Snoopy Bowl.

Brandon Jacobs and Muhammad Wilkerson turned a snoozer into a slugfest.


The New York Giants running back and Jets rookie defensive end were ejected from the teams’ preseason game Monday night – a 17-3 win by the Jets – after taking swings at each other.

I personally don’t have a problem with this. It shows that we are tough and are not going to back down. Considering that it was a pre-season game, I find it to be no big deal but as Rex says, Jacobs threw the first punch.


DENNIS WASZAK Jr. from the AP writes:  After Mario Manningham’s 7-yard catch with 8:37 left in the third quarter, Wilkerson and Jacobs shoved each other. The two yelled at each other several yards away from where Manningham caught the pass as players from both teams rushed over to separate Jacobs and Wilkerson before things escalated.


“That’s not good football,” Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. “That’s something you just don’t want to see. You can’t lose your control is the message there. And when you do, you have to pay the price.”


Both Jacobs and Wilkerson, the Jets’ first-round draft picks, were called for offsetting disqualification penalties, meaning both were done for the day with the Jets leading 7-3.


“I can understand it because I think both guys swung at each other,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said. “Our guy swung second. He swung hard, but he swung second.”


    Wilks  Won

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      Based on What?  No one connected!  LOL


    I dont know who it was but the giant who blind sided Wilks from behind should be fined for his actions jumping on someone like that is the same as hitting a defenseless receiver

  • http://twitter.com/JohnnyDaMan Jonathan Gallo

    From this video it doesn’t look like Wilkerson threw a punch.