The Jets Twit Podcast: Episode 223 with Fireman Ed!

Joe Namath In NY Talking Jets Football

Joe Namath In NY Talking Jets Football
RealJoeNamath Just landed in the city and hustlin to get to the hotel to watch the opening kickoff the Jets/Giants. GO JETS!!! 8/29/11 6:17 PM
RealJoeNamath A photo from the files at NFL today GO #JETS 8/30/11 5:58 PM
RealJoeNamath Filming at the NFL Network w @toppscards 8/30/11 4:41 PM
RealJoeNamath With Toby Smith over at #FOX 8/30/11 3:01 PM
BCusterSNY Check out my interview w/ @RealJoeNamath in @The_WheelHouse, and Sportsnite. Talking Sanchez, Eli and #Jets. 8/30/11 2:51 PM

Namath with Brian Custer after Filming The Wheel House on SNY