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Jets Pre-Game Tweets Before Giants Game Tonight!

Jets Pre-Game Tweets Before Giants Game Tonight!
jimleonhard Survived an earthquake and hurricane this week. Never though I’d say that. I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe. Time to fight for NYC 8/29/11 1:18 PM
DUSTINKELLER81 Game time is around the corner..battle of NY 8/29/11 11:55 AM
Drew_Willy Resting up before tonight! 8/29/11 11:05 AM
plaxico Flight #1017 being prepped and fueled for take off. 8/29/11 9:13 AM
KenrickEllis You know its gameday when you treat jumping out of bed like your running out of the tunnel or maybe its just me lol #GAMEDAY 8/29/11 8:56 AM
marcusdixon94 GAMEDAY!!!!!! 8/29/11 7:42 AM


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