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Courtney Smith Trying to Stay on with the Jets

Courtney Smith Trying to Stay on with the Jets

With the preseason winding down and one spot open for the 5th and last spot at WR, Cortney Smith who hasn’t been mentioned a lot is making his bid to earn it.  Here are some quotes from yesterday.

Smith has something that can’t be taught — he’s 6-foot-6 and weighs 230 pounds.  That has to help his cause.  He has good quickness, though he isn’t blessed with blazing speed. – more from al.com

Courtney Smith
“I’m still here. They cut people every day, and I’m still here, I’m enjoying what I’m doing,” Smith said. “There are a lot of older guys, and they’re helping out. I’m getting used to the NFL. It’s totally different. You learn stuff from them every day. They’re pretty cool with people. They just show you what you should be doing. They’re always trying to help you out. They try to show any little thing that can help us. For whatever reason — I don’t know why — I’m not out there a lot. I’m waiting for my time.”
Courtney Smith said in a telephone interview Sunday afternoon.


Smith is a Large Target at 6' 6" & 230 lbs