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Bears Release Jets’ Bust Vernon Gholston

Bears Release Jets’ Bust Vernon Gholston
ClaytonESPN Vernon Gholston, released by the Bears, signed a one-year, $1 million contract, which included a $250,000 roster bonus he now won’t collect. 8/29/11 1:41 PM

Oh Vernon.  I think your career is over.  I don’t think it was wise as well to play the blame game on Rex and the Jets as to the reason why you never really made it.  What did Lovie do to you?

Dan Leberfeld says in his tweet that Rex wants Vernon back… Um.  Why?

nflwhispers The Chicago Bears have released Vernon Gholston. Rex Ryan has said repeatedly that he wanted him back. Now Rex has his chance. 8/29/11 1:07 PM
NYPost_Hubbuch I wonder if Vernon Gholston will accuse Lovie Smith of playing favorites and not giving him a chance, either. #Bears #Jets #alltimebusts 8/29/11 1:22 PM