Giants First Sports Team To Show Tweets On Big Boards During Game

Giants First Sports Team To Show Tweets On Big Boards During Game

The Giants are attempting to break ground on the first team EVER to post real time tweets on the big boards this Saturday when they take on the New York Jets at 2pm.  Before you get too excited Jets fans, let me warn you that the game is a Giants Home game.

This could be interesting. The Giants announced plans, starting with this Saturday’s pre-season matchup against their cross-town rival Jets, to display fans’ real-time tweets on freshly named MetLife Stadium’s video boards and other stadium distribution channels, as well as for those watching the live televised broadcast.

Tweets Will be Real Time During the preseason Game vs the Jets

Also there will be automatic filters set up and if your tweet happens to make it through, there is an employee, let me rephrase, a GIANTS EMPLOYEE, who has to improve the tweet.  Do you really think they are going to approve a Pro New York Jets Tweet to rile up the Giants home fans.  Um.  NO.

According to Communications Manager DeAndre Phillips, who said: “Essentially, there are filters set in place. If the tweet passes those filters, then they are put into a queue. A Giants employee reads through those tweets and approves which tweets will air. Think of it in terms of a live game broadcast with a slight time delay.”

The first-of-its-kind plan in the NFL is part of a larger social initiative, as the team has partnered with Mass Relevance to enhance the game atmosphere for Giants’ fans everywhere. In addition to airing the in-game tweets, fans will also be able to have a little halftime question-and-answer Twitter session with radio announcers Bob Papa and Carl Banks.

Finally, the Giants will tally tweets pertaining to the three preselected game MVP candidates (Twitter hash tags for each one are to be determined) for a specific time period during the game, and the player with the most tweets will have his online merchandise at the Giants store discounted for the following week.

The New York Giants are probably tired of being called second fiddle in New York.  Rex Ryan stirred the pot first with his book saying the Jet won’t be little brother to the Giants and then started talking again this week leading up to the game.  There was a little player quotations about the new name of the stadium where Tuck said the stadium will always be called Giants Stadium and Santonio got in the action saying it’s the Home of the Jets.

If we are talking who the king is online, well it’s got to be the New York Jets as they lead ALL NFL Teams with the most buzz online, best social media strategy and the best fan base online.  So what are the Giants going to do about it?  Well….. We’ll see how this goes off.  If you are planning to go to the game, tweet me @e_man and let me know how it’s going!! Thanks!