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Cro Is Ready to Move on From IKEA

Cro Is Ready to Move on From IKEA
ACromartie Ikea is crappy and falls apart 8/25/11 6:57 PM

Well Cro, you just got your big raise, no need to stay in the same league with IKEA anymore.  Mo is telling you Macy’s cause he’s still a rookie, go listen to your other teammate Marcus Dixon, he’ll hook you up for ONLY 15G’s.

ACromartie Mane about to head home to the wife @iluvTERRICKA and the kids…have to go furniture shopping. Where’s the best place to go.. 8/25/11 6:53 PM
epcicchini @ACromartie You’re a pro. Don’t buy cheap shit. It’s for people like me. 8/25/11 7:00 PM

Doh! (Not Cro's Picture)

mowilkerson @ACromartie Macy’s 8/25/11 6:57 PM
ACromartie I’m going to Macy today and Ashley furniture tmrw…about to leave wrk and head home peace out 8/25/11 7:02 PM
akfiorentino @ACromartie You need to buy rich mahogany. 8/25/11 6:58 PM
ACromartie @akfiorentino lol Anchor Man 8/25/11 7:00 PM
iluvTERRICKA Lol when we moved out of San Diego @ACromartie was so ready to leave he left everything in the house & I mean everything lol @LJwildcat 8/25/11 7:05 PM
marcusdixon94 @ACromartie imma hit hustleman up and tell him to bring u something and complimentary chitlin-loaf too 8/25/11 7:10 PM
marcusdixon94 @ACromartie might cost u about 15 G’s chief 8/25/11 7:10 PM