The New York Jets Create the MOST Online Buzz in the NFL

The New York Jets Create the MOST Online Buzz in the NFL

Thanks to for linking to this story.  The NEW YORK JETS generated the MOST online buzz in the offseason leading up to the season.  Are you suprised??  I’m not!  Jets Nation online is CRAAAAAZY and we love our football team.  I would like to thank YOU the reader of my blog.  Without you, I’m not included in that statistic!  Thank You DIE HARD JETS FAN!  YOU ROCK!

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As NFL fans gear up for the season ahead and prepare the rosters for their fantasy football teams, they head online for news and buzz about their favorite teams and players.

Among NFL teams, the NY Jets generated the most online buzz during the off-season from blogs, message boards/groups, Twitter, Facebook, and online news posts. “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys continue to generate national interest in online discussions, although they were topped by their rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, who led NFC teams and were second in overall pre-season buzz. The NY Giants, and their regional rival, the New England Patriots, round out the top five teams with the most pre-season buzz.

The Jets Rule the Interwebs