Joe Namath Tweets about Wet Cheerleaders

Joe Namath Tweets about Wet Cheerleaders

Brian Coz from The Post puts together a weekly winners / losers list from the games and he called Joe Namath a loser because of his tweet about the Jets cheerleaders.  Brian, I know you reference Suzy, but he’s JOE NAMATH, the biggest bachelor NY has ever seen.  You think it’s going to change since he’s a senior citizen?  The man has a rep to keep up.

RealJoeNamath Gotta love seeing wet cheerleaders 8/21/11 8:15 PM


BrianCoz Winners and losers from Jets’ win 8/22/11 10:28 AM

2. JOE NAMATH – Here is where Twitter is a dangerous thing. Jets legend Joe Namath tweets during the games, and he offers some interesting insight at times. At others? Not so much. Sunday night this tweet went out from @realjoenamath, “Gotta love seeing wet cheerleaders.” Oh boy. Yes, the Jets “Flight Crew” looked like they were in a Motley Crue video bouncing around soaking wet. Considering Namath’s past antics (see Kolber, Suzy), he needs to think before tweeting.

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