Jets Players Tweets after the Bengals Preseason Game

Jets Players Tweets after the Bengals Preseason Game
GVMcElroy Great feeling leaving the stadium after a win! Thanks to the #JetsNation for coming out to support us. 8/21/11 11:25 PM
AaronMaybin51 Blessed… 8/21/11 11:39 PM
realeddiejones @plaxico told me this morning that he had to have it and today he got it done!! Praying for you bro 8/22/11 12:39 AM
ACromartie Great game tonight felt good to get a half in this game. Body felt good and was focus. Thank u Father for this game and my ability. I love u 8/21/11 11:53 PM
jcumber2 I love winning even in pre season 8/21/11 11:09 PM
realeddiejones In my way to the hotel. First home game was a success!! After the game I got to see the UT Footbalm alums from Bengals. 8/21/11 11:11 PM
JKerley_11 Rough game!! But just talked to moms, she told me I’m the sweetest. 8/21/11 11:22 PM
chris_stewart5 Gotta love leaving with the win!! 8/21/11 11:35 PM