My Quick Observations of the Jets Game (2nd Quarter)

My Quick Observations of the Jets Game (2nd Quarter)

Here are my quick observations as the Game is still going on in the second quarter.   The Bengals really really stink.  They are in big trouble.  The Jets D picked the ball off twice and almost had a fumble.  Eric Smith is a ball hawk tonight.  He had the interception and had his hands on a couple of knock downs.  He really is playing like a captain tonight so far.

rodboone Can we rename the #Bengals da #Bungles again. These guys stink. #Jets should be up 21 zip. 8/21/11 7:38 PM

On Offense Mark Sanchez looks good at first so far connecting with Holmes for a touchdown.  He also got the ball to Plaxico to open the game.  Burress caught his first ball since 2008.  The running game was something to be desired.  Tomlinson was stopped short many times.  I didn’t see any push from the offensive line.

Cnimbley Even in preseason Schotty has to get cute. With the exception of two passes #Jets offense looks bad #nyj 8/21/11 7:44 PM

Players and situations I’m paying close attention to:

Vlad Ducasse – False Started in the first quarter.

Kicking Competition – Nick Folk missed a FG.  Novak made his FG.

Kyle Wison

Ellis and Wilkerson

McElroy and the WRs

Joe McKnight

BrianCoz I’m wondering a little bit about that Tom Moore red zone tutorial. Doesn’t seem to be working #Jets 8/21/11 7:38 PM
RichCimini #Jets go three and out. Tomlinson stuffed on 3rd and 2, looks frustrated. A split-second too slow hitting that hole. 8/21/11 7:44 PM
KristianRDyer Two trips into the redzone, no receptions for Burress. 8/21/11 7:36 PM