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Scotty McKnight and Other Rookies Bowling Friday Night

Scotty McKnight and Other Rookies Bowling Friday Night

Some of the Jets Rookies and Free agents were out bonding at a bowling alley.  Scotty McKnight is having a week.  First a visit from his star girlfriend, and now he’s champion of the alley.  What more can a guy want!  Oh I know, to make the team.  We didn’t see much of Scotty on the field for the first pre-season game, so we’ll see if he plays more on Sunday night.

smcknight21 Bowling with the team… Me @JKerley_11 and @LoganPayne19 are bowling pretty well… Tom Moore is puttin the team on his back tho 8/19/11 8:20 PM
smcknight21 @JKerley_11 nice try bro…anytime you want lessons let me know http://t.co/6glVsZr 8/19/11 8:45 PM
JKerley_11 yuh you would post ya best game!! Lol 8/19/11 8:48 PM
Drew_Willy Lost in the bowling showdown but still had a 190 tonight…I can deal with it. 8/19/11 9:15 PM
chris_stewart5 Finally got over 100 in bowling. #idratherhitpplforaliving 8/19/11 9:25 PM
Drew_Willy @Mark_Sanchez Quote of the night…”O my god maybe you should roll from the lane over” 8/19/11 10:20 PM

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Tom Moore Shoots a 0? LOL. I guess he was the Advisor