Sanchez Trying to Shed the Pretty Boy Image? Try Again.

Sanchez Trying to Shed the Pretty Boy Image?  Try Again.

As you are probably aware by now, Mark appeared on the cover on GQ for the September issue and a lot has been made by the quote that he wanted to fight Rex for wanting to pull him out of a game last season.

Mark is also on a mission to try to shed his pretty boy image.  Um, this is not the way to do it by wearing this Mark.  Just saying.

KristianRDyer Sanchez’s dirty laundry comments to GQ aren’t the comments his teammates care about: via @metronewyork 8/17/11 10:53 PM

The message from Jets center Nick Mangold to Mark Sanchez on the quarterback’s recent interview and photo shoot with GQ: Keep it on the DL.

Mangold, a quotable figure himself, did not fully wade into the issue stemming from Sanchez’s comments in the current GQ magazine where the quarterback says he at one point wanted “to fight” head coach Rex Ryan over possibly being benched in the middle of last season. He did, however, poke fun at Sanchez’s posing for the magazine. Mangold didn’t fault Sanchez for the decision or for airing such private remarks publicly.

White Pants, Really?

“You can’t blame him for it,” Mangold said. “I wouldn’t do it; I wouldn’t recommend him to do it.” On Wednesday, following the team’s walkthrough session in the morning, Ryan said the Jets had a team meeting about Sanchez’s remarks and “had a lot of fun with it.” Ryan did not divulge any details other than it involved “a tale of the tape.”

KristianRDyer Rex said that there was a team mtg today about Sanchez in GQ, a “tale of the tape.”Said they had fun with it.”Had a lot of fun with it.” 8/17/11 12:15 PM